Schwinn Stationary Bike

According to consumer search performance review on different exercise bikes, the s schwinn stationary bike is an excellent choice. Many individuals in fitness and health centers usually overlooked stationary bikes as they do not offer workout on the whole body. While it cannot provide a complete workout, this does not mean that this stationary bike do not have any benefits. What this people should realize is that this equipment is ideal for those who are in need of effective cardiovascular exercise.

Schwinn Stationary BikeThe kind of endurance workout that you will get from schwinn stationary bike does not only offer challenge, but comfort as well because of the good quality of seat. This bike can allow you to do endurance workout in just a moderate intensity for about 60 minutes. You may start with a warm up exercise for about 5 minutes so that the temperature of your muscle will be raised and any injury be prevented.  After the warm up, you can set the resistance level to that which is challenging yet sustainable level. Then you can pedal for up to an hour and have five minutes cool down so that the blood temperature will not suddenly drop.

For more advance cyclists, you can perform the interval workout in your schwinn stationary bike which can challenge the aerobic capabilities of your body. After the 5 minute warm up, set the opposition system to high level and vigorously cycle for about 30 seconds. Lower the opposition level to low intensity and begin pedaling for about 60 seconds. Repeat these cycling making changes from high to low resistance for about 10 times. Cool down so that your blood pressure will be back to normal.

For those elite cyclists, the sprint workout in this stationary bike from schwinn is for them. This is considered the most difficult of all kinds of workout. In preparing for this type of exercise, the cyclist must have at least 10 minutes of work out. The overall level of intensity of this kind of exercise is all set at high level, thus the need for longer period of warm up. When you are already prepared, set the resistance level at a high setting and start pedaling as fast as you want for about 15 seconds. Then, stop and relax before doing it all over again for about 15 times.

For those who do not want to make their own workout programs, stationary bike from schwinn offers this different pre-set programs. These programs usually adjust its resistance level, requirement when it comes to speed and the target heart rate when you are riding. While pedaling in the regular bike or on some stationary bike models offer some benefits, it can get really boring. But the stationary bike from this brand makes your riding sessions, truly challenging, effective and enjoyable. This is made possible by the different workouts in different resistance level and speed. But before riding, it is advised that you consult a health care professional.